How to Get Google Page 1

how to squeeze the most from Free Traffic System and push your sites to Google page 1.

(1) Build unlimited one way links.

Inside the members area you can build unlimited one way links – this is exactly what you need to push your site(s) to 1st pages in Google and other search engines.

We already helped many people to do that. Go to our official blog, and you will see real people – just like you – commenting and boasting of their SEO success.

To build backlinks in Free Traffic System you need to submit articles. One article can get converted into up to 60 one way links (or up to 120 backlinks – when we are running special offers). This is the best link building bargain on the market today.


…before you start submitting articles and building backlinks, make sure to read this PDF with step by step instructions of how to do it: HowToSubmitArticle.pdf

(2) Free unique content for your niche blogs.

Free Traffic System is the source of unlimited unique content for your sites.

You simply plug your WordPress blog(s) to our system Free Traffic System publishes relevant content. You save ~$5 on every post.

Moreover, we bribe you and give 7% more bonus backlinks for adding your blog(s) to Free Traffic System.

A detailed video that explains how to add your blogs to Free Traffic System in here: vimeo

3) Unlimited one way links for affiliates.

We reward our affiliates with unlimited one way links for recommending our free service to others.

Just one referred user can bring you hundreds and thousands of bonus backlinks.


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