Tapping Into The "Goldminer’s" Secret Desire

Every person who runs across your site has a secret desire. They want the benefits of what you’re offering, but (here’s a shocker) they really don’t want to do much to get those benefits. The most persuasive and profitable product offers are the ones that make people feel as though they don’t have to do much work to get all the benefits your letter promises. In other words if you make your product offers sound too complicated you’ll lose most of the orders you could have had. I’m saying that you should explain your offer in rather simplistic terms that don’t scare away potential buyers. You should always look to make your products and services as pushbutton as you possibly can. That’s especially important with software programs. No one really cares how your product works. They just want to know that it does work and how they don’t have to do much to get the benefits your product was promised to deliver. For the most part people are very insecure about their abilities. Even when you show them proof that other people have done exactly what you’re showing them how to do… Most people still hesitate because they don’t believe they can do it. In other words… you need to put together “systems” people can just plug into and get results from.Most people don’t want to know how to do something. They want someone who does know how to do something to do it for them so they can either promote your something as an affiliate or buy the rights to your something and sell it without having to put in any real work. If you have the time and you’re willing to do something constructive you will always be in a position to make money from people who want the benefits of doing something without actually having to put in any real work. What does that all mean as far as making money? To continue with my earlier train of thought, I created a special report that shows you how to take autoresponder courses you create and get other people to flood those course with subscribers, but as I’ve said, people don’t want to know how to do that. What they actually want is for me or you to create a “system” where they can buy the rights to an autoresponder course that is already set up so they can use the technique I outline to get other people to flood that course with subscribers for them so they don’t really have to do much. They want the benefits of using the technique without taking any of the time and effort to learn it and set it up for themselves. This isn’t theory. If you examine my Work At Home Gold Rush System, you’ll see that I’m using the exact principle that I’m sharing with you here. Think about that. For the most part, people complain about FREE detailed instructions on something that actually produces results with a little effort but they would gladly pay $100-$200 or more for a system that uses the very same technique they could have created themselves for free. Some of that is laziness but mostly it’s due to the fact that many people work hard at 9-5 jobs, have a family and other obligations that take up most of the time they would need to put various techniques and strategies they learn into action for themselves. Both types of people will gladly pay for something that’s already done for them so if you’re willing to put in a little work for those people you can make as much money as you want. Some people make obscene amounts of money by doing what I just talked about. They trade a few weeks worth of work for $40,000-$50,000+ in bankable profits. “Any solution you come up with that makes it easy on people has a 100% better chance of selling than anything that requires them to work. The majority of people want things already done, and they will pay top dollar to have it done for them.”


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