Natural Energy Boost

Well, as a matter of fact, there is such an easy and quick way to give yourself a natural energy boost. It consists of simply thumping two points in your chest. The points are given the name “K-27”. K-27 is the 27th and last point on the Kidney meridian.

In Chinese Medicine, meridians are thought to be channels over which subtle life-energy flows through the body. There are points along these meridians through which we can interact with our own subtle energy to improve our health and well-being, and even our state of mind!

To find K-27, use your fingers to find the knobby points on either side of your throat where your collarbone starts. Then, move your fingers out about an inch and down about an inch. You may feel a little hollow there in your chest. Well, that’s K-27 – the topmost point on the Kidney Meridian.

Now, with the fingertips of both hands, thump those K-27 points vigorously for about 30 seconds and breathe deeply while you thump. What would happen if you tried it AND suddenly felt

re-energized – almost like you just had a nap? Would it feel like you’d been given a “shot of life”! If this works so well could there be other ways to give ourselves more energy and to feel great that we haven’t been told about?


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