Nature vs Nurture

A theory that scientists have debated for years. But who’s to say that there can be only one answer?

A new school year has just begun and already children are being suspended. At one particular local school two grade 12 student were suspended for paddling a grade 9 as an initiation. The same thing happened in the woods off of school grounds and the police officers were called to treat it as an assault. The principal of the school looked at it as an assault, but the children did not, they saw it as harmless fun. Therefore no charges were laid.

Whether it was an assault or not, I’m not positive, but I do know that there are some angry parents out there saying that the schools should be putting a stop to this, and that everything is happening because of television and “bad” music. I could go on and on with a list of what is “supposedly” ruining our children and their futures, but I won’t.

Let’s just say that the paddling was an assault, did the child do it because of the way he was brought up by his parents, because of his surroundings, or was he merely born an angry child?

When you were a baby, you knew to cry when you were hungry or wet. You knew how to laugh, how to move your fingers and toes. This would be the Nature side. Your parents taught you right from wrong, they acted as your role models, and when you were smaller you probably mimicked them every chance you had. This is the Nurture side.

Scientists have debated this for years. I myself have debated for hours with friends about it. Personally, I believe that it’s a bit of each. I know I was born with certain instincts, that I am my own person, but you’d be surprised how much alike each person is with his/her own parents.


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